Discover St. Paul’s Episcopal Church!

When you visit St. Paul’s on a Sunday morning you will find yourself surrounded by a community of friendly people.  Should you have a problem or a question, please feel free to let them help you.  If you have small children, you might want to ask about Sunday School.  We enjoy having children worshiping with us.

A word about the service--Episcopalians are “busy” worshipers.  We sit, kneel, stand, sing, pray aloud, pray silently, some genuflect, some don’t.  At first it may seem confusing, but ultimately we believe having such variety keeps worship from becoming stale.

The service booklet contains everything you will need to participate fully in worship.  Should you get lost or confused, just ask one of the people nearby who seems to know what they’re doing.  Episcopalians tend to participate in the worship somewhat more than other Christians do, and the service booklet is usually clear about what parts of the service to say or sing, when to sit or stand, etc.

Whatever we do, we do because it glorifies God and promotes in us a sense of worship.

If you have been baptized -- regardless in what denomination -- and if you have no great spiritual obstacle in your way, you are more than welcome to make your communion with us.  You will notice that children are also welcome to take communion.  When the time comes, just go forward with the others around you.  Place your right hand over your left, palm up, to receive the consecrated bread.  When the chalice of wine is offered to you, hold it firmly and guide it to your lips, or, if you wish, dip the bread gently in the wine and consume it with due reverence.

A Sunday morning isn’t complete without the traditional “coffee hour.”  These few minutes after the service provide an opportunity for you to discover what the congregation is really like.  Take advantage of the opportunity.  Before you know it someone will strike up a conversation and then they will start making introductions and building you into their network.

The people of St. Paul’s are like any family — they love and argue, care and carp, laugh and cry, and seek to live rich, full, and holy lives after the example of their Lord.

We hope that in our worship you will sense something of the love and devotion to Christ that is the foundation of our life together.

And, more importantly, that you encounter God in this place.   Again, Welcome.