Parish Life  in Pictures

Did I mention we had cake.  Among the July birthdays was our own church musician, Tina.  Flowers, cards, a song, and her own special cake.  That's three cakes for coffee hour on July 7th.  Woo-hoo.


Korra Faith
This Sunday (July 7) we had a baptism, so there was a good excuse for more cake.
July birthday
Every first Sunday of the month we celebrate that month's birthdays.  We have cake!


July 6th, Jackie and Frank renewed their wedding vows surrounded by family and friends.  It is their 50th anniversary.


book study
The monthly Book Study group met June 23rd to discuss Lake of the Ozarks by Bill Geist.


It's a simple sign but gets a surprising amount of notice.  The church is open most week days and people drop in for a few quiet moments.  Today, June 10, someone who just happened to be driving by saw the sign.  She pulled into our parking lot and spent a few moments inside praying.  Her husband will be having surgery this afternoon.


It's June 9th.  The iris' have made their appearance in the courtyard.  Our garden and grounds make a cool quiet place to rest and think in the midst of our busy little city.
birthday cake
St. Paul's is blessed with many good cooks, but there is one that seems to specialize in unique monthly birthday cakes.  Bev chose a seashore theme for June's cake.  Notice this cake comes with sharks...


May saw our spring Work Bee.  Windows washed, pews polished, everything put in order after a long winter.  Spring means work in the garden.  This year we added a bench to invite passers by to stop and rest.  It was given in memory of Art Perkins.


AED purchased
After a recent near emergency, we purchased an AED machine and held two training sessions.


coffee hour
Every Sunday we have coffee hour... there's more than just coffee.  May 19th
Bill Elliott
We celebrated the life and ministry of the Rev. William Elliott.  St. Paul's was his first parish and in retirement his last.  Bill's memorial service was May 6, 2019



The baptism of Sloan Elaine on May 5, 2019
The Baptism of Sloan Elaine on May 5, 2019.